This monograph [Otake2009] written by Mihoko Otake combines ideas from chemistry and physics, material science and engineering for the revolutionary development of the so-called gel robots. Electroactive polymers are introduced to build new types of muscular-like actuation for deformable robots. The coverage spans from modelling and design to the development, control and experimental testing. A number of methods are proposed for describing the shapes and motions of such systems. The results are demonstrated for beam-shaped gels curling around an object and starfish-shaped gel robots turning over. - Foreword Excerpts by the Editor, Bruno Siciliano

Following images are selected figures of each chapter.

[Otake2009] Mihoko Otake, Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots - Modelling and Control of Artificial Muscles, Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, Vol.59, Springer-Verlag, 2009. (ISBN 978-3-540-23955)