"Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots" is really a fascinating book formulating a concept of "gel robot". It is amazing that Mihoko succeeded in illustrating such wide and interdisciplinary world of gel robot. She is opening a door towards new "soft & wetwear " technology.
(Yoshihito Osada, Riken)

GelRobot made entirely of electroactive polymer gels provides us with a flavor of new direction of robotics, in terms of its unique deformability and biological behaviors. This book is the first monograph particularly focused on modelling, designing and controlling GelRobot. For fully understanding this kind of robot, we need much knowledge such as chemistry, physics, material science, and engineering. Without expert knowledge for these fields, this book is nicely organized for readers to figure out what the GelRobot is. The modelling for actively deformable materials is the kernel of the book where both deformation model and parameter identification are precisely explained. As an application example, a starfish-shaped gel robot is shown with righting motion. This book is really recommendable for readers who would like to learn robots with biological aspects.
(Makoto Kaneko, Osaka University)

"Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots" is the book the research (scientists and engineers) community interested on active and deformable new technological materials was waiting for. Modelling, design and control are treated by integration of mechanical, polymeric and physico-chemical aspects. This will become a basic book for researchers, students an industrial designer of new tools and robots.)
(Toribio Fernández Otero, Technical University of Cartagena)