Mihoko OtakeMihoko Otake is a researcher, inventor and innovator based on the expertise in robotics. She holds BE (1998) and PhD (2003) in Mechano-Informatics from the University of Tokyo. She developed world first "Gel Robot" during her PhD studies, which has published as world first monograph (2009) and opened the novel interdisciplinary field. Gel Robot is a whole body deformable mechanism made of smart materials. She has been on faculty of the University of Tokyo since 2003. She is currently the Associate Professor with Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering the University of Tokyo. She won the Doctoral Scholarship Award from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2001), and the Young Investigator Award from the Robotics Society of Japan (2003) for the contribution to the development of Gel Robot. Then, she extended her skill of modelling, design and control from smart materials to smart machines, the human brain and mind. She won the PRESTO Fellowship Award from the Japan Science and Technology Agency for the development of human neural model (2004) and individually adapted cognitive activity support (2010) for both healthy and disabled people. She invented Coimagination Method (2006), the cognitive enhancement method supporting interactive recall and knowing via data-driven conversation. She founded Fonobono Research Institute (2007), and became a founding director in order to investigate the method as well as to innovate social environment towards heart warming (fonobono) humanitarian society through the permeation of the philosophy of Coimagination Method.

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